4 GPS Tracking Systems Pros & Cons

July 31st, 2016 in Security and Surveillance
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GPS trackers can be a great way to keep track of your children and pets in Vancouver. However, these systems have pros and cons that should be considered before obtaining one. See some of these considerations are outlined below.

Pro: safety and security
GPS tracking devices for mobile phones can offer a way of relocating a phone in case of loss or theft. With mobile phones becoming increasingly advanced – and expensive – this could help prevent the need for costly mobile phone replacements.

Additionally, the emergency services will be able to locate the phone and thus the person carrying it, enabling ambulance or police to find the person as quickly as possible in case of emergency.

Pro: Finding lost individuals
Installing a GPS tracking device in your child’s mobile phone easily enables you to stay aware of their whereabouts. If they find themselves in an unknown location and get lost, this will greatly simplify finding them.

Con: System issues and reliability
Like any digital device, GPS tracking systems rely on satellites. It is possible for satellite signals to suffer from interference from caves, dense foliage, or occasionally, when devices are surrounded by lead or metal. These factors can potentially hamper the tracking of an individual.

Con: Trust and privacy
If your child knows you are using a GPS tracking device to keep track of them, this could potentially lead to a lack of trust between the parent and the child. It might be wise to discuss the use of GPS tracking so that everyone involved agrees and is comfortable with it.

If you decide a GPS tracking device is the right solution for you, visit your local GPS tracking device dealer in Vancouver for advice on the most suitable system for you.

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