4 Tips on Using Hidden Cameras to Secure Your Home or Business

September 21st, 2020 in Security and Surveillance
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Using hidden cameras as part of your security system has become more and more popular. As technology improves, security cameras have become more and more sophisticated, smaller, and cheaper.

Here are our best five tips for using hidden cameras for home or business security.

Size matters

The smaller the camera is the less likely it is to be detected, and the easier it is to hide. A big bulky camera is not a good idea if you want one that's hidden.

Choose WIFI or not-WIFI

Cameras that operate over your network using your WIFI are very convenient because you can watch the footage in real time. The downside of WIFI cameras is that the use of WIFI makes them easier to detect and also less secure.

WIFI cameras can be hacked through the network, and there are several phone apps that can detect them. These cameras are also more susceptible to interference. 

A non-WIFI camera is more secure, but you can't typically watch the footage in real time. The photos or video are saved to a card or hard drive that has to be retrieved and viewed later. These cameras can be hardwired or battery operated.


Lighting is important, and you should give it some thought before installation. You want light to be in front of the subject--shining toward the subject--but behind the camera. Lighting behind the subject or to the side may not give you a very clear image.


Give some thought to where to place the camera. You want the camera not to look suspicious. There are many cameras today that have very clever housings such as clocks or lights, and no one would ever expect that they have hidden cameras.

Put the cameras wherever you think they have the best possible chance of capturing the images you seek.

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