5 Perfect Spy Gifts For The Holidays

December 18th, 2015 in Spy Equipment

There may be someone in your family who loves all things covert and undercover. They revel in picking up the latest spy magazines, and love browsing through websites where spy gadgets are sold. What would be a good gift for someone like this?

Here are 5 perfect spy gifts for the holidays you can find at The Spy Store.

* iRecovery Stick. This thumb drive lets you recover deleted data from any Apple iPhone. The built-in software on the iRS helps to retrieve all deleted data. Amazing, in that the device is no bigger than a stick of gum.

* Coffee Cup Camera. Now you can not only drink your cup of coffee but take it with you, too. Built right into the coffee cup lid is a high resolution video recorder, so you can do all the covert recording you choose. Looks like you’re just sipping your coffee, but you know better!

* Air Purifier Covert Camera & DVR. If you have family members with small children left with babysitters, here is the perfect surveillance solution. No one will ever know that this little purifier is recording their every move. Everything is included to get your security up and running quickly.

* Mini Wireless Cam Hunter with Built In DVR. This is the ultimate in counter surveillance equipment. This device features a wide range of frequencies, and lets you see exactly what the camera sees. With the DVR, you can record live video feed. This can make a very cool gift!

* Sim Pen Recorder. When you’re looking for a place to file all your notes, here’s the perfect answer. This pen not only works as a regular ink pen, but offers up to 18 hours of continuous recording. Easy to use and rechargeable.

Any one of these spy gifts would be the perfect holiday gift for a loved one. And in typical spy fashion, they won’t even see it coming!

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