5 Real Life Spy Gadgets for Today

January 27th, 2015 in Spy Equipment

Feeling like James Bond or Jason Bourne? There are many modern spy gadgets out there to make you feel one. Whether it’s for fun or for serious security purposes, here are some truly cool spy gadgets that you can buy.

1. HD Slim & Light Video Spy Pen. It’s only a pen. Yeah right! This easy to use spy pen records in 1280x720p HD video and can also be set to motion activation for easy recording. And it comes with a 16GB SD card for hours of footage.

2. Wall Clock Covert Camera and DVR. Do you want to make sure a certain area in your home is secure? This spy wall clock will do the watching for you. Whenever it senses body heat even up to 30 feet away, it will record an occurrence in high quality video on a hidden SD card. No power cords required as it runs on high capacity, rechargeable Li-on battery.

3. Dual Lens Car DVR. Anything can happen while you’re out on the road. If you’re on a road trip, you might want to record the beautiful landscapes and sunset. You might witness an accident or experience one yourself. This dual lens car DVR can help you record everything inside and outside your car.

4. iTrail GPS Tracker. This covert tracker can be easily hidden in purses, luggage, or cars while it logs GPS data. It works with Google Earth so you can see detailed movements.

5. iRecovery Stick. This thumb drive USB device can help you recover deleted data from an iPhone. It can recover anything from deleted text messages, contacts, pictures, call history, or calendar entries. This is the ideal device for professionals who have accidentally wiped out their phone’s memory.

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