September 21st, 2020 in Security and Surveillance
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two-way radio has some important features that make it an excellent candidate for inclusion into any safety or emergency kit.

Here are our reasons why we think you should include one.

1. Independence from cell towers:

The biggest and most important reason to include a 2-way radio in a safety or emergency kit is that 2-way radios do not rely on cell towers.

In an emergency, such as a major power outage, it's not unusual for cell towers to go down. If cell towers go down, then you can't use your cell phones, and if you have a power outage, then it's likely your land lines will not work either.

If you can't use a land line and can't use a cell phone, then a 2-way radio would be your only means of communication.

2. Easy to use:

With a two-way radio, communication is as simple as the pressing of a button These kinds of devices are the definition of simple.

3. Durable:

A two-way radio device meets military standards that make them reliable enough to carry for important operations with ease. These machines cannot break or crack easily. Durability is a key factor in any safety or emergency kit.

4. Clear audio:

Two-way radios have excellent audio quality and will even compensate for wind noise.

5. Extended battery life:

Two-way radio communication has a long power battery life. The devices provide flexible battery alternatives and recharging capabilities.

If you are putting together a safety or emergency kit, definitely include a 2-way radio.

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