5 Reasons Why You Need a Car Camera

April 25th, 2017 in Security and Surveillance
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You may have seen those YouTube videos, recorded from on a car dashboard, as another car does something reckless and dangerous and you see just how close to an accident the driver came. But why do those drivers have cameras in their cars? Do they know something you don’t? Here are 5 reasons to own a car camera:

1)    Proof of fault
Have you ever been in an accident and both sides are claiming the other person caused it? Have you ever sat in a lawyer’s office and tried to explain why you didn’t do anything wrong? Now you have proof of what happened and you can make sure your insurance doesn’t go up.

2)    Protect yourself against road rage
Unfortunately, people sometimes lose control of their emotions while driving. By having that camera, and making sure that the other driver knows it’s there, you can protect yourself from any incidents.

3)    Protect your parked car
Some car cameras have motion sensors inside and start recording as soon as they sense movement outside the car or something actually hitting the car. Now you’ll have a record of the person who ‘accidentally’ backed into your car and ‘accidentally’ drove away.

4)    Keep an eye on the people in the car
Some car cameras have two lenses, one pointed out and one pointed inside the car. Do you want to make sure your kids are behaving without turning around and taking your eyes off the road?

5)    To record your trip
The scenery is amazing when you're driving in Canada. Wouldn’t you love to record it all and keep it for the future? This is much safer than trying to take a video with your phone.

These days, car cameras are almost becoming standard features in a car and they are something you should really consider buying before getting out onto those busy Vancouver roads. It’s a nice piece of protection that brings piece of mind.

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