Are Digital Assistants a Legitimate Privacy concern?

December 23rd, 2017 in Security and Surveillance
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One of the newest technological trends is having a digital assistant present in your home, answering questions and controlling basic systems in a smart home. They are becoming a part of many people’s day to day lives and are marketed as items that make lives easier. Whether it’s Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, or the Google Assistant, complex computer algorithms analyze large amounts of personal data to become the most effective and efficient systems possible.

With this new technology, there are legitimate privacy concerns that are beginning to be raised by experts all over the world. One of the biggest questions concerning these devices is just how much information they’re storing and what they’re sending back to their companies. There is a genuine concern over where the data is being stored and just how safe it is.

Another worry is how much information is being given to these systems and if the users aware of just what they’re sharing with these companies. The unfortunate problem is that the more restrictive a user is in sharing information and allowing the assistant to store their data, the less responsive the system is. These assistants are designed to store and analyze everything you say and ask for in order to provide a better service in the future.

Digital Safety is a very important thing to consider in today’s wired world. Protecting our data, protecting our personal information, is something that anyone using a computer or smart phone should be thinking about. You need to be aware of what these digital assistants are doing and how comfortable you are with that.

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