Are Nanny Cams all the Same?

August 30th, 2021 in Security and Surveillance
Are Nanny Cams all the Same

Nanny cams are versatile recording devices that can ensure the safety of a child or an entire property. Because nanny cameras can record video without being detected, they are used for security purposes, including:

  • Monitoring your kids when they are home alone.
  • Monitoring your staff and property when you are not on site.
  • Busting false insurance claims, especially if you run an office or heavy equipment rental business.

However, the quality and versatility of nanny cams can vary greatly. When looking to purchase a nanny camera, it is important to know what qualities to look for.

What To Look for in a Nanny Camera

The three most important qualities to look for in a nanny camera are:

1. Video Quality

The video quality of a nanny cam should be good enough to capture clear images and distinguish between people and objects in the frame. A low-quality nanny cam may be blurry and record in standard definition.

2. Night Vision

Night vision helps a nanny camera avoid recording shadows. Night vision ensures a clear picture when watching over children or older adults at night. Whether they are sleeping or stirring, you can see it on the monitor.

3. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can be a great tool in capturing video evidence of nanny abuse or elderly neglect when you cannot watch the nanny cam yourself. A motion sensor is activated when something moves in the frame and causes the camera to begin recording automatically.

Why a Nanny Camera is a Great Investment

Even as we spend more time at home, there are still times when we have to leave. Running out for groceries or to water the backyard can leave your home and loved ones vulnerable. With a high-quality nanny camera, you can have live footage directly from the camera. Whether you use it for security or spying, a nanny camera is useful in many situations.

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