Are there any new features in spy cameras or hidden cameras in 2018?

February 24th, 2018 in Spy Equipment
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In the past, many people only thought of spy movies when they heard the term “hidden camera”. But recently, more and more people have discovered that these cameras are incredibly useful off of the movie screen. They bring peace of mind to people who want to ensure that their home and loved ones are safe and sound.

Like any other technology that’s becoming more and more common, new features and developments are coming every year. With spy cameras, this is not different. Here are a few new things to see for 2018.

Much like all other technology, spy equipment is getting smaller and smaller. You can now find these hidden cameras inside keychains, light bulbs, sunglasses, USB chargers, and pens. It would be almost impossible for someone to know that they’re being recorded as these devices get more and more compact.

A great feature is that, as the items get more popular, the price drops as well. At Spy Store, we offer a car key hidden camera that retails for $169.99, which allows you to carry your camera with you everywhere, in a completely innocuous way, for a lower price than you’d expect.

More choices of hiding places
Clock radio cameras are so common these days that they’ve almost become ubiquitous when talking about hidden cameras. But now you can buy air purifiers and smoke detectors that come with spy cameras. One great product is the outlet cam – a camera that’s hidden in a regular electrical outlet.

The Spy Store offers numerous types of spy equipment, hidden cameras that can be located anywhere in a home or office, that will help you feel safer and more secure, knowing that you can see exactly what’s going on when you’re not there. Come down to one of our Vancouver locations and we’ll show you the latest technology.

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