Can a Money Counter Help Detect counterfeit bills?

April 30th, 2022 in Security and Surveillance
Can a Money Counter Help Detect counterfeit bills?

Did you know that a money counter can detect counterfeit bills? On top of the accuracy and convenience of a money counter, these devices also make it easier for cash-based businesses to detect counterfeit bills.

Counterfeit bills are becoming more prevalent in today's world and the public is not always aware of their existence. Even if you are aware of what to look for, human error can often result in failing to spot counterfeit currency.

Therefore, having a trustworthy method to detect counterfeit bills is crucial to protecting yourself, your organization, and your customers.

How Do Money Counters Detect Counterfeit Bills?

Money counters are designed to scan and count currency, making them a great option for detecting counterfeit bills. Through the use of Magnetic and UV detection, money counters can detect counterfeit bills with pinpoint accuracy.

Magnetic Detection

When bills are manufactured, the ink is often embedded with a special magnetic property. For this reason, money counters are programmed to scan for magnetic properties in the ink. With this process, money counters can quickly identify poorly designed counterfeit bills.

Because these devices are so precise and efficient, they will even be able to detect counterfeit bills that are mixed in with a stack of authentic bills.

UV Detection

UV detection works by illuminating a bill with ultraviolet light. A UV detector then analyzes the bill to see if the dyes respond to the light. If only certain parts of the bill begin to glow, it is likely a counterfeit. If most of the bill glows in response, then it is likely genuine currency.

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