Can Car-Camera Footage Be Accepted as Legal Evidence?

February 25th, 2021 in Security and Surveillance
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Car cameras have become popular in today’s technology. The cameras come with affordable prices that range from fifty dollars to a hundred dollars and sometimes they are pre-installed.

The car cameras are devices designed to capture every image outside the vehicle within view of the lens, and possibly sound taking place inside the car. These cameras installed in cars—sometimes called “dashcams” or dashboard cameras, can sometimes be used as powerful evidence in a court of law. Whether they can be used in court depends on the jurisdiction, chain of evidence, and whether the footage concerns the video or audio portion.

This blog explains the benefits of car-camera footage in legal evidence. These cameras are useful even if the evidence was not used in court.

  1. First evidence in car accidents: This is the main reason why drivers install dash cameras. The cameras provide efficient and clear evidence in case any accident happens on the road. If your vehicle was involved in an accident by any chance, there will be a solid proof to show how or if you were in the right or wrong by retrieving the recorded footage.
  2. Captures crime: The cameras may also record any motion that takes place around the car. This crucial feature helps to capture other crimes that drivers are not aware of. If anybody smashes your car in a parking area, all you need is to retrieve the footage from the camera.
  3. Prevents insurance fraud: Most criminals plan on getting cash by staging deliberate accidents hoping to get paid. The footage can be used to show evidence of fraud.
  4. Capture reckless driving: Car cameras are important because they are used to record any careless driving on the road. The footage from the camera can often be used as evidence in the court of law.

Get yourself a dashcam and be safer. If there has been a crime committed in your area, see if you have any footage of what happened.

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