Can Dash Cameras Be Used as Evidence?

August 27th, 2019 in Security and Surveillance
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Can dash cameras be used as evidence?

Answer: yes.

Dash cams are continuing to grow in popularity, as more and more people are installing these dash cameras into their vehicles. These car cameras are a camera system that is mounted on the dash of a car and record while the vehicle is in motion, or while it is parked. The growing popularity of dash cams makes sense, as having video footage of an accident or other incident is a great way to protect yourself.

ICBC and Accident Claims

In British Columbia, the number one way that dash cams can serve to protect you is with your dealing with ICBC. When involved in an accident, ICBC will often distribute a decision on who is at fault for the crash. While in some cases this may be obvious, or a witness may have been present to testify, there is often conflict and disagreement around these rulings.

ICBC tends to determine a large number of crashes have both parties at fault. This is where the power of a dash cam comes into play. With a dash cam, you are able to present the video evidence to ICBC, and they will look at the footage to help with determining who is at fault. This may help to determine that you are not at fault, and avoid costly deductibles and insurance hikes.

A quick google search regarding ICBC and dash cam shows hundreds of anecdotal and testimonials about how video footage evidence helped to determine that the other driver was at fault. Negotiating with ICBC is never easy, so having clear, impartial evidence can make all the difference. If you have not invested in a dash cam yet, head to SpyStore and pick one up today.

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