Can electronic bug detectors protect your privacy?

May 25th, 2018 in Security and Surveillance
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Are you worried that someone is eavesdropping on your conversations? Corporations and private citizens are becoming increasingly aware of the amount of surveillance equipment that is out on the market today. For a low price, someone can listen to what you’re saying and learn personal information about your family or corporate information about your company.

Can electronic bug detectors help deter them and ensure that your private things stay that way? Of course, they can. Bug detectors work in three different ways, scanning for audio, video, or GPS. Audio bug detectors look for the presence of audio recording equipment by detecting the radio frequencies they transmit or, with more modern equipment, the cell phone signal. Video detectors scan for hidden cameras and the signals they send. GPS scanners search for the location based bugs, or bugs that are tracking their target’s movements.

Detecting electronic bugs is very simple – the scanner searches for the radio frequency signals that are being transmitted and light up, or sound some sort of alarm, to let you know that a device is nearby. Camera detectors are even simpler – they flash lights around the room, scanning for the lens of the camera, even if it’s as tiny as a pinhole.

How does this protect your privacy? By realizing that you are being bugged, or watched, or tracked, you can take steps to protect yourself. The Spy Store carries such devices as Noise Generators, that will cause the bugs to record useless background noise and miss what you or your employees are saying. You also might want to invest in even stronger counter-measures.

People and companies are realizing how easy it is to lose their privacy and are taking action to prevent embarrassing or valuable information from being leaked to an outside party. Come and talk to the staff at the Spy Store and we’ll show you all the bug detectors and hidden camera detectors that can help you protect your privacy.

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