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Can I secure a conversation on my smartphone?

June 24th, 2018 | by Spy Store | in Security and Surveillance |    0   

Protecting your conversations is something that many people are starting to consider. As more and more devices come out that easily allow people to listen in on any smartphone conversations, business owners and private citizens have begun looking for ways to secure their devices and ensure that no one is listening in. Smartphone security has become critical today.

One option is to prevent someone from accessing the phone at all. Many companies have produced keys and USB locks that add extra layers of security to the phones. For example, you can find a device that acts as an external biometric finger scanner. Another device forces you to provide multiple levels of log ins in order to access a tablet or other device.

Smartphone security

At The SpyStore, we carry something that goes one step further. Instead of preventing someone from accessing the phone, this device prevents someone from listening in once you’ve started the conversation. It’s a smartphone case for the digital age.

After charging the case, you have about 2.5 hours of secure communication. This device scrambles any audio that’s being received or transmitted from the phone. So even if someone was able to hack your phone and install some sort of recording or transmitting app, this case will ensure they won’t understand anything.

It also couldn’t be easier to use. You charge it the same way you’d charge your phone – plug it into a USB port. To start scrambling, you simply have to press one button and the case does the rest.

So if you’re worried about someone listening in, trying to glean personal information from your calls or the latest innovation your company has developed, come and talk to The Spy Store about how we can make your conversations safe and secure. There are many privacy gadgets on the market today but our reputation and experience let you know that you’re getting one of the best.