Canadian Video Surveillance Cameras

December 1st, 2013

It would be pretty ridiculous for The Spy Store to not carry any surveillance cameras. After all, when it comes to spying, or avoiding being spied on, we are the experts and we’ve got the inventory to prove it! The sheer amount of different types of surveillance cameras we have is diverse and all inclusive, whatever your surveillance needs. There are many considerations when determining which type of camera will best suit your video surveillance needs. Protect your family with a perimeter camera system, or keep an eye on your children while the nanny looks after them with one of our IP Cameras, Pinhole Cameras or Nanny Cams.

Some of the Video Surveillance Cameras the Spy Store Carries include:

  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • In the Open or Covert
  • Color or Black & White
  • Recording only or Real Time Monitoring
  • Night Vision
  • Weatherproof

The most popular types of cameras include:

  • Hidden Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Nanny Cameras
  • Pinhole Cameras
  • Hidden Cameras

We can hide a camera in just about anything, and we have. We’ve hidden cameras inside air purifiers, neckties, clock radios, any sort of mundane item you can think of, we’ve figured out how to outfit it with a camera that is undetectable.

IP Cameras
The “IP” sounds really fancy, but it merely stands for “Internet Protocol” which means it’s simply a webcam. Webcams usually come with their own software and cables and attachments to help you set them up right out of the box.

Nanny Cameras
A “Nanny Camera” is the same as a “Caretaker Camera” or any other secret surveillance camera designed to be hidden inside an ordinary everyday object such as a house plant, or even a necktie. These are placed, however, in a spot that will monitor whoever is caring for your children or elderly relatives. Or it can even be used to see who is sneaking those extra cookies from the cookie jar!

Pinhole Cameras
Specialty pinhole cameras fit inside the tiniest of items, such as eyeglasses, pens and even watches. Pinhole surveillance cameras are even high definition, capturing stills, digital video and voice recordings.

The Spy Store can help direct you to the best equipment for your video surveillance needs. No matter the use, we’ve got video surveillance cameras for you.  For the Best Video Surveillance and Hidden Cameras, Contact The Spy Store. Distributing Spy Equipment to Canada, the US and internationally.

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