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With stores in Vancouver-Surrey in BC and Calgary, in Alberta, The Spy Store Inc is the top retailer of security equipment and surveillance gear across Canada.

We have been open to the public both online and in-person for a very long time and gathered much experience and knowledge of the industry in that time. These articles aim to share it with you.

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Can a Money Counter Help Detect counterfeit bills?
Can a Money Counter Help Detect counterfeit bills? Find out how a money counter can effectively detect counterfeit money with incredible accuracy.
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Driving On the Snow - a Car Camera Can Protect You
While snow can be a marvelous sight, it is also a hazard for drivers. Snow and cold weather adversely impact roads across Canada. Black ice is a leading cause of car accidents every year in Canada.
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How To Know If Someone Is Listening to Your Phone Conversations
Your phone calls with family members and friends may be less private than you expect. Phone conversations are easily recorded, and those with vulnerable devices are often the juiciest target.
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