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January 23rd, 2016 in Security and Surveillance

With the endless possibilities with technology these days, it can be easy for hackers to tap into your mobile device and gain access to private information. This could be very dangerous if important, classified information gets placed into the wrong hands. Today, hackers have the ability to listen in on personal conversations, read through text messages, read your emails, and even track the location of your whereabouts. If you think you might be susceptible to unsolicited surveillance, then check out these unique gadgets that could help you avoid potential hackers.

Cell Phone Bug Detectors and Blockers are ideal for those who believe others might be tapping into the microphone or monitoring what is being typed on their mobile phone. With our bug detector, your phone will pick up on anyone trying to access your microphone and notify you immediately. Our bug blockers ensures that when you are not using your phone the microphone is disabled so no one can listen in on conversations that might be happening in close proximity.

A Cell Phone Scrambler takes things one step further and hinders the ability for anyone to decode your private conversations regardless if they are successful in tapping in. The cell phone scrambler converts human voice into non-interpretable analog noise so it is impossible for anyone outside of the conversation to know what is being said. This device can be used for mobile to mobile, mobile to wire or wire to wire phone calls.

For those interested in general coverage and monitoring of their mobile device, Cell Phone Recon offers you the ability to track all activity in your phone. With the cell phone recon software, you can monitor all incoming or outgoing phone calls, text messages, and emails. You can even track the location of your phone if in case you lose it or someone else takes it.

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