CES 2018 Convention: The state of Gadgets and technology

January 30th, 2018
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CES International is the biggest tech and gadget convention in the world. Every year, tech companies go to Las Vegas to show off their newest and brightest inventions with the hope that their ideas will drive millions of people to shell out their hard-earned money for the brightest new tech.

One thing that’s driving new invention is the need to have everything connected to the internet. One walk through any gadget store shows you that you can connect almost every part of your home to the web. There’s a refrigerator that tracks what you buy, what you need, and texts you your shopping list. There’s also a toilet that follows voice commands, plays music, and tracks how much water you use. We’ll let the consumer decide which is more useful.

Another new creation is a pillow that helps you get to sleep. When you hug this robot pillow, it rises and falls to calm you down and get you to sleep quicker. It also produces sounds, like heartbeats or lullabies, that are run from the app installed.

For those people who are sick of doing some household chores, there are two new robots that will fold the laundry. One can handle an entire drawer of clothing, but the price tag is US$16,000. The cheaper option, a mere US$980, can only fold pieces of clothing one at a time.

Judging by the new products that were released this year, gadgets and technology are focused on making things easier around the house for you. They fold clothes, remind you to take your medicine, inspire you to lose weight, or power all your gadgets without any cables. The newest gadgets make it easier to use your older gadgets.

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