Do Car Cameras Really Deter Theft?

July 24th, 2021 in Security and Surveillance
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The answer to the question in the topic is “probably.” There is research that supports that any video surveillance acts as a deterrent for crime and some research that it may not make a difference. Look at it like this: a car camera will not make theft worse and may make it better.

Most criminals will avoid places where they know they will be on camera. That is why many businesses install cameras even if the cameras are not in good working order. It is because these cameras give the appearance of providing extra security.

If there is a car camera, an unsophisticated criminal will not know if the camera is streaming live or taped video as he or she approaches a vehicle. It would not be possible to disable a camera before getting close to it.

Also, the presence of a car camera gives a hint that the car owner may have in place other security features to deter crime. So, if a criminal has choice between breaking into a car with a camera versus breaking into a car without a camera, the one with a camera is likely a bit safer.

Most people think of a car camera as one that records just facing out of the front window. However, car cameras can record or stream facing any direction, and car owners may have more than one in a vehicle.

One of the big advantages of a car camera is that if you do have a theft, you may have some real evidence recorded on the camera for law enforcement to use to punish the offender.

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