Does Cold Weather Affect Outdoor Cameras?

February 25th, 2021 in Security and Surveillance
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Cold weather can affect outdoor cameras. Cameras in cold weather should have a weather-rated enclosure of around IP66 to overcome the effects of low temperatures and wet issues like sleet and snow. The enclosures should be checked frequently to make sure that the seals are tight. Humidity will cause condensation to accumulate inside the camera. Humidity is a bigger problem than just the cold temperature.

Here are some of the tips you need to consider to keep your outdoor cameras running during the cold weather.

  1. Choose a high IP rating: Cameras in cold weather need a rated enclosure of around IP66 to overcome harsh weather conditions like snow. You should check that your cameras aren’t having complications with sun glare.
  2. Go for temperature-tolerant cameras: There are two main specifications that you need to check; these are operating temperature and storage temperature. Operating temperature is the air temperature of the surrounding when the device is on. Storage temperature is the temperature at which the machine can be stored.
  3. Remember other components: Snow, wind, and cold can gradually degrade cables and unprotected connectors.
  4. Access control: Access control devices can encounter weather-related challenges if ice or snow builds up on them. You should ensure that barriers like ice and snow are removed to prevent any damage from occurring.
  5. Regular inspection: The straightforward way to protect your outdoor cameras is by checking them regularly. This will prolong the life of your outdoor cameras with a significant percentage.

Cold can affect outdoor cameras but moisture can be worse. Choose cameras that are designed for long-term use outside, rated for the appropriate weather conditions, and protect the cameras from snow and ice.

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