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October 24th, 2018 in Spy Equipment
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Outdoor enthusiasts, whether they are hunters, bird watchers, or long-distance hikers and climbers, who want to make sure they are safe even at night, are always looking for something that will allow them to do more. One invention that has become very valuable recently is night vision equipment.

There are different kinds of night vision equipment – monoculars, which have one lens, and binoculars, which have two. Monoculars are popular as they are easier to hold and some can be mounted to a weapon. Night vision goggles are a type of binoculars that are attached to headgear so you can wear them instead of hold them. These are the most popular form of binoculars as they are designed for movement.

But one concern with these devices, especially in the Lower Mainland, is if they can effectively see through smoke and fog. The last couple of summers saw a huge increase in smoke in the area and fog is always present in the colder months. So the question we get asked all the time is whether these goggles will still work.

The answer is it all depends on the goggles you have. Just like any other piece of technology, some units are designed to work through smoke and fog just as some are designed to work without a light source. These units are superior to the standard night vision goggles you may see, much like goggles with thermal vision are superior.

The way to know if you’re looking at the best night vision goggles is to see what generation they are. Gen 1 is the basic system, Gen 2 is a huge step up in improvement, and Gen 3 is the system that is currently being used by the military.

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