How Do I Choose the Right GPS Tracker?

March 29th, 2016 in GPS Trackers & loggers
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Choosing a GPS system can be daunting. There are so many options to choose from, it gets downright confusing.

An important factor to consider is whether you would be happiest with passive or active tracking.

Passive GPS

This refers to a device that is retrieved from a vehicle and then plugged into a computer so that its data can be reviewed. Passive GPS is ideal for monitoring someone's use of a vehicle at the end of a scheduled time period.

With a passive GPS tracker you must be logged into a computer to see the results. It's only then that a user can determine how well someone performed on the job. If one of your drivers had a problem during the day, you'll find out all about it when reviewing your tracker later on.

A passive GPS system is less expensive to operate than its active GPS equivalent. They both track what has gone on during the day, but the passive GPS system does not do this in real time.

If a “real time” scenario is not that important to you, then a passive system may suffice. Keeping tabs on how your kids drive would be an example of one application of this technology.

Active GPS

This is a real-time GPS tracking device. It will record and can report on everything that is happening in your chosen vehicle while it is being driven. They are wired right into the car and record what is going on from the moment the vehicle is powered up.

With an active GPS tracker, the unit is constantly in contact with the server while it is collecting data. If you have these trackers in your business, for a fleet of trucks, for example, you can view real-time results while your employees are out on the job. If your workers go beyond a pre-determined area, you'll know about it, along with many other significant details that can help you with tracking packages, fuel use, time drivers spend parked, or in traffic and much more. Active systems are relatively expensive compared to passive systems, but they will give you 'live' information all day long.

So whether you require a passive GPS System or an Active GPS system for more comprehensive tracking, you can find what you need at The Spy Store. Once you know which system will most suit your needs, a consultation with one of our team members will help best determine the system that will satisfy all of your tracking requirements.

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