How to Keep Your Phone from Being Bugged

May 30th, 2021 in Security and Surveillance
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Modern smartphones are one of life’s greatest conveniences, but they can also provide hackers with access to all of your most valuable data. There is often a very real risk of your phone being bugged. Which can mean everything from calls being recorded, your location being tracked, and confidential information being collected by a third party.

Therefore, mobile security should not be overlooked. Follow these tips and your phone will be safe.

How Can My Phone Get Bugged?

Tapping or “bugging” cell phones has become a harsh reality of the modern world. Through downloaded applications, hackers, developers, or even law enforcement can invade an individual’s privacy to get access to confidential information.

Other common methods of phones being bugged include connecting to a public Wi-Fi-network or leaving your Bluetooth on when you are not using it. These networks offer the potential for a hacker to bypass your phone’s default security system.

Additionally, leaving your phone with an unlicensed repairperson, or accessing certain websites, all can potentially lead to harmful malware being installed on your device.

How Do I Know if My Phone is Bugged?

A bugged device may suddenly run much slower than before, or there might be a low humming or static noise in calls that indicate it is being recorded by a third-party device.

Take a good look at your usage values as well. If your data usage or phone bill suddenly skyrocketed versus the previous month, or even if your fitness apps may be tracking way more movement than usual, it might be time to investigate for spyware.

How to Protect Your Phone from Spyware

There are multiple security applications available on app stores that are designed to provide virus protection for the phone. One option that can stop malware from giving someone access to your microphone is made by Spy Store, which you can download here. Because microphones are incredibly sensitive to picking up noise, hackers can use them as a way to turn your phone into a piece of spy gear that can transmit your confidential information.

If you are seriously concerned about your phone being bugged, keep it off as much as possible when not in use. This is extreme, and most of the time, simply turning off Bluetooth, installing anti-spyware apps like the one mentioned above, and not accessing insecure connections should suffice.

Be aware of the common signs of a bugged phone as listed above and keep a running list of what apps are on your phone: if something seems new and you do not recognize it, take it seriously.

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