How To Know If Someone Is Listening to Your Phone Conversations

September 29th, 2021 in Security and Surveillance
How To Know If Someone Is Listening to Your Phone Conversations

Your phone calls with family members and friends may be less private than you expect. Phone conversations are easily recorded, and those with vulnerable devices are often the juiciest target.

There are many reasons someone may be listening to a phone conversation. Security, curiosity, or blackmail may all be motives for phone tapping. While it is challenging to be fully protected, there are a few simple ways to determine if your phone conversations are being recorded or listened to without your consent.

Method One: Install a Security App

There are several apps available today that serve as a great first line of defense against phone hacking and tapping.

For example, there's an app for Android and iPhones phones called Cerberus. It allows you to remotely activate the microphone on your device and record any conversations. If something seems astray, such as an extra voice or strange background noise, you can use this app to verify your findings.

Method Two: Investigate Data & Battery Usage

Another way to check if your phone is hacked is by viewing the battery and data usages. When a phone is hacked, data usage will be higher than normal. This is because the phone needs to constantly send data to the hacker's device/location.

Furthermore, battery life will also noticeably decrease. Programs may take longer to open as well. This is due to the hacker re-directing processing power, stealing data, and running background programs on your device.

Method Three: Unexplainable Device Issues

Malware that hackers use to tap into phones is often damaging for mobile devices. If a phone has been breached, you may notice overheating, background noise during calls, an unresponsive screen, and challenges opening and closing apps.

While some malware is less noticeable, these signs are usually present and serve as an effective way to determine if your phone is tapped.

The truth is, it is unlikely that your phone conversations are tapped. And if they are, it is rarely the target of a hack. ID, banking information, and saved passwords are often the main targets.

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