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How to Select a Hidden Video Camera

June 22nd, 2017 | by Spy Store | in Security and Surveillance |    0   

You’ve decided it’s time to buy a hidden video camera. Maybe you need some surveillance equipment at work to catch the person who keeps stealing your lunch. Maybe you want to place an unobtrusive camera in your child’s bedroom so you can keep an eye on them while they’re sleeping.
But whatever the reason, you’re going to want to consider five things before you choose a hidden video camera:

1. What camera will fit in the place where you’re going to use it?
An alarm clock camera might look great, and fit the budget, but is there any logical reason to have an alarm clock in the middle of a living room? You want to pick a hidden camera that doesn’t draw any attention from the subjects you’re recording.

A tiny camera lens

2. How good of a picture do you want?
Very simply, what level of video performance are you looking for? Do you need crystal clear pictures that show every freckle on the person you’re filming, or do you just need to be able to make out their face? Check the video quality on any camera before buying it.

3. How much light is in the place?
If you’re secretly recording something in a nightclub, then your light level will be really low and your camera has to be able to handle that. We recommend you choose a camera that offers night vision, so they’re be able to handle shooting in the dark.

4. How much storage does it offer?
If you’re planning on recording a lot, you need a large amount of memory in the device. Think about how often you’ll be able to check the images and how much memory that will require.

5. Finally, does it use battery power or can you plug it in?
Some cameras have to be plugged into the wall and some can run on battery. Which will work best for your situation?

Once you've considered all these questions, head into The Spy Store to see how we can help you.