Is it Legal in Canada to Have Hidden Cameras in your Home?

November 30th, 2018 in Security and Surveillance

As more and more homeowners begin to opt for home surveillance security cameras to protect their homes – the question is being raised: is it legal in Canada to have hidden cameras in your home? Especially in areas where neighbouring properties or neighbours themselves may be recorded, Canadians should familiarize themselves with the laws and implications behind recording devices.

Privacy laws in Canada are in place to protect citizens from being recorded by businesses and governments, but these same rules do not apply to private properties. In fact, there is no jurisdiction over homeowners installing security cameras on their property when the data collected is for personal use. If the security footage were to be used for commercial purposes – such as a landlord watching a tenant, then the Personal Information Protection Act would step in to remove those rights.

In many cases, disputes between a homeowner with a security camera and a disgruntled neighbor who is worried about being recorded are attempted to be settled on a civilian level, without authorities having to step in. Many concerns can be alleviated by simply having a neighbourly conversation and having the cameras adjusted where necessary.

With the growing trend of homeowners wanting to increase their security by installing security camera systems, and with new technologies meaning that security cameras are easier to attain and install for the average home, some residents have expressed concern at where the cameras are being pointed. However, there are no laws that prohibit Canadian homeowners from Having security cameras in their home and on their property.

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