Is My Smart Home Spying On Me?

May 30th, 2022 in Security and Surveillance
Is My Smart Home Spying On Me?

It was recently announced that the well-known security camera brand, Wyze, had a security issue in their software that was completely overlooked. Anyone who had the Wyze Cam V1 could have their camera turned against them. Hackers were able to access the camera, watch the live feed, and record video.

To make matters worse, the company was largely aware of this issue but did nothing to fix or alert users of it. As a result, thousands of homes were exposed to hacking and spying.

With that said, not all smart home equipment is easily hacked, to check if your devices have been compromised, follow this guide.

Download the Latest Software/Firmware

One of the most important tasks for any smart home device is to stay up to date with the latest software. Many hackers and cyber attackers can access devices because of outdated software or firmware.

The easiest way to check if your software is up to date is by checking the manufacturer's website. You should do this monthly to ensure you are always protected.

Use Reliable Equipment

Due to the prevalence of smart home devices, a lot of the equipment is poorly made and gives hackers a chance to break-in. When it comes to smart security camera systems, you should look for a brand that is well known and has been around a while, such as Honeywell.

If you have an alarm system that is a third-party product, it is much more likely to be compromised and have security vulnerabilities.

Contact a Professional Technician

If you believe that your smart home devices are hacked in any way, you need to contact a professional as soon as possible. Once a device has malware, it will not fix itself.

If your smart home devices contain personal information, they can be stolen and compromised. Therefore, before doing anything, contact a professional from The Spy Store who can provide you with the best solutions for your situation.

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