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Most Common Spy Equipment Used in the Home

May 1st, 2014 | by Spy Store |    0   

Most Common Spy Equipment Used in the Home

Common Home Spy Equipment

Spy equipment isn’t just used in movies - there are many types of affordable spy equipment and products that can help the average person around the house. Here are some of the most commonly used items for “spying” in the home.

Spy Cameras

People who want to protect their homes can install cameras and other outdoor and indoor monitoring equipment. Motion detector cameras are initiated when a person or object moves across the line of sight, allowing subtle recording to begin without any notice. Night vision cameras allow clear detection even in the darkest settings, making them perfect for monitoring outdoor and isolated locations.

Hidden cameras are just as cool as one would imagine, and can come concealed in a variety of shapes and sizes. Alarm clock hidden cameras include DVR recording and other secret recording methods. Many clocks are portable and come with motion activation to record only when there is movement in the room.

Other Recording Devices: Sound and Voice

Voice and sound recorders are very popular because they can be easily concealed. Audio recorders are portable, even coming in the form of a keychain for easy access. Some are made to look like everyday items, including desk calculators, watches, pens, and USB devices. These clever disguises make audio recording easy.

GPS Trackers

GPS trackers can be attached to cars or other items so they can be tracked and located at all times. Knowing where someone goes or where you stolen car went are valuable pieces of information.

Home spy gear is equally as cool as in the movies, and is even better because it is accessible to anyone who wants to gain more insight into what is going on when others think no one is listening or watching. Tracking and recording devices are not only high tech, but are a great safety item that can be useful for tracking items that go missing or recording a crime.