Questions To Ask When Buying Spy Equipment

June 9th, 2016 in Spy Equipment
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With a vast variety of technology available for surveillance systems, it's important to carefully consider why you need spy equipment. Here are questions to ask yourself before setting up a surveillance system using spy cameras in Vancouver.

What is the Purpose?

The first question to answer is regarding the purpose of your spy cams' surveillance. This will influence many of the other aspects of your purchasing decisions.

Are you interested in home security or tracking the activity of warehouse staff? Will you be interested in a particular entrance or an entire parking lot?

Note that there are many varieties of hidden cameras available should you with to transmit or record pictures or sound in secret.

What Level of Recording Quality Do I Need?

Here are three ways of discussing the picture quality of your spy cams:

Detection - at this level, a camera picks up movement, determining that there is someone or something on your monitoring device
Classification - with this level of detail, it's possible to determine such factors as clothing, height and approximate weight
Identification - in this stage, it's possible to identify an individual by his or her features
Which of these levels of detection will satisfy your needs?

What is the Ideal Positioning?

Note that to record license plates a mounting height of 3 - 5 feet is typical, to pick up faces, a mounting height of 9 - 12 feet is ideal, and for general activity 18 - 24 feet is recommended.

How many spy cameras will you need in order to cover all the areas that interest you?

Take into account whether or not these spy cams need to be suitable for outdoor use and whether or not they ought to be resistant to vandalism. Ceiling mounted dome cameras, for example, are resistant to strikes, and are difficult to cover or pull off with ropes. Also, it is not immediately obvious what they are focusing on.

Also Worth Considering ..

Think about whether you require a wired or wireless set up. Wireless spy cam systems are popular in homes due to their flexibility and ease of installation. With remote access and control options, you can integrate your spy cam system with your smart phone to monitor and even control your camera from a separate location. And give a thought to how much recording storage space you require - how likely is it that you will need to provide video or photographic evidence at some point?

With forethought regarding your needs, you can then immerse yourself in the fantastic options available for spy cameras and surveillance systems, suitable for all budgets and all needs.

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