Steps to Protect your Cellphone Privacy

November 24th, 2017 in Security and Surveillance
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Is there any possession you have that is more valuable than your cell phone? It stores all your personal information and your contact information for friends, family, and co-workers. You can use it to access your bank accounts. You store all your login information for email addresses, Facebook, and a multitude of other sites that contain your life online.

So protecting your privacy is critical these days. Here are two things you can get to help keep your information safe.

Dual SIM Card Phones
Most people know they have a SIM card without really knowing what it does. Simply, a SIM card stores your identity along with your phone number so that you can access your cell service provider. Move the SIM card to another phone and all that information moves too.

Why have two SIM cards? Now you can have two phone numbers and two identities. You can control which number is used by which contact. You can ensure that your numbers are safe by being in complete control over who gets to stay in touch with which number. You can keep work life and personal life completely separate.

Smartphone Bug Blocker
A common type of malware that’s currently being used on phones is one that listens in to everything happening around your phone. The microphone on a smart phone is incredibly powerful and can transmit a ton of information. If a thief wants to know where you are, they just need to hear what’s happening. Or worse, a blackmailer may want to record every conversation you have.

A bug blocker is simple – you insert it when you’re not talking on the phone and remove it when you want to make a call. It’s a little piece of security that protects your privacy.

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