The Pros and Cons of Hidden Surveillance Cameras

October 27th, 2015 in Spy Equipment
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There are various pros and cons of hidden cameras, depending on for what purpose you need to film. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, which are important to weigh when making a decision about whether you should use visible or hidden cameras. Here are a few factors to consider. 

Pros of Hidden Cameras 

Hidden cameras work well to capture bad behaviour from people who are not expecting to be filmed. Whether you use hidden cameras to peek in on employees, relatives, or people visiting your home or business, they are easy to put in unexpected places as they are small and discreet. People will show their true colours when they don’t know they’re on film! 

Pros of Visible Cameras 

Visible cameras are a deterrent to many would-be criminals. When they see the camera and are aware they are being filmed, they are far less likely to commit a crime. Many businesses clearly tell people they are being filmed, and even show live feeds of the cameras on screens so people can see how easy it is to recognize the faces on tape. 

Cons of Hidden Cameras 

The biggest con of hidden cameras is the questionable legality of using them. In Canada, hidden cameras can be considered an infringement on the expectation of privacy, so it is important to ensure you are within your legal rights to use them. 

Cons of Visible Cameras 

If a camera is visible, it can be worked around – criminals can look up the details of the camera and learn its weaknesses, or work to become aware of where the camera cannot reach to film. This obviously takes a lot of effort, but a criminal invested in doing harm to your home or business may not actually be deterred by a visible camera.

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