Tips for Shopping for Spy Gear Online

February 1st, 2014
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So you want to invest in some hidden cameras, GPS trackers, security equipment, or maybe some night vision goggles? No matter what you’ll use your spy gear for; you can’t afford to buy low quality gear. The bad stuff is really bad – often they won’t work for long and even for the cheap prices you won’t be getting any value. First and foremost, if you want good quality spy gear, you’ve got to find a single provider of high quality spy equipment online. How do you know if what a company is selling is the good stuff?

Identify Value by Brand
You can often tell a lot by what brands an online spy shop sells. If you’re not familiar with the brands you’re seeing, take a look at an online forum about spy gear. See what people say in reviews about the brands rather than individual items. When an online spy gear store sells top of the line brands, you’re in good hands.

Variety of Products
The best spy stores will sell a broad range of products. A wide variety of spy products is a sign that they take their business seriously and have bothered to stock their store. They will also be more likely to know which products are better quality, because they’ve tried selling a wide variety and had feedback about both good and bad gear available.

Shipping Options
Before you start shopping, find out about the shipping costs. Do they offer expedited shipping? How much do you have to spend before shipping is free? Is shipping handled by a company that only has flat rate prices based on weight? You can save some money if you have a variety of shipping options.

Make sure that the spy gear company has a warranty so that anything you buy is backed up by the shop. Individual items may also fall under warranties from the manufacturer, but it’ll be much easier to deal with the online spy store itself.

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