Using Real Time GPS Trackers to Protect Your Property

June 25th, 2019 in GPS Trackers & loggers
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Protecting our assets and securing our property is vital in today’s crazy world. Old technologies are finding new uses, and one way we can now keep track of valuables is with real time GPS trackers.

How do these Work?

These handy GPS trackers allow you to view the location of your property in real-time. The trackers work by using both GPS signals for location, and 3G cellular data to transmit this data back to you in real time. Specialized devices are capable of sending notifications, either through email or text message should movement be detected.

This type of tracker is ideal for property that could be at risk for theft, including expensive tools, recreational vehicles, trailers, and anything else you can think of. They are small and can be easily concealed. By knowing exactly where your property is, you can quickly notify the authorities and increase the chances of having your property returned to you, should it be stolen.

GPS Loggers

A similar device to help protect your property is a GPS Logger. This is a bit different than a tracker in that these are not designed to provide real time GPS updates, and instead work to internally log all GPS information that is recorded. These protect your property not from theft, but from abuse or misuse. They can also protect your drivers and operators. For example, GPS Loggers can be installed on a fleet of trucks or commercial vehicles, and will track and record vital GPS information for each vehicle, including locations and speeds. GPS loggers are ideal for taxis, first responders, and large vehicle fleets.

Loggers store the data directly on the device, up to 120 hours of data. This data can then be downloaded and viewed on a computer.

Real Time GPS trackers and GPS loggers are both excellent devices that you need to utilize in protecting your valuable property. Head to the SpyStore to choose the right GPS trackers for you. 

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