Using spy technology for personal safety

July 26th, 2018 in Security and Surveillance
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Personal safety is very important for anyone living in a big city. According to the Police-reported Crime Severity Index, both Calgary and Vancouver are above the national average, with over 80 reported violent cases per 100,000 residents. One excellent way of protecting yourself is by employing what some people might call spy technology. The toys that you may have seen in a Bond movie may prevent you from becoming a statistic.

How can these devices help?

Surveillance equipment is an excellent deterrent for all kinds of crimes. Installing visible, motion-activated cameras that can send every image it captures to your smart phone or computer can allow you to watch over your family and any property you want to protect. Anyone planning to commit a crime in your neighbourhood will think twice when they see the top-of-the-line cameras you have.

Hidden cameras are another great way to keep you safe. Hidden cameras are excellent when you’re working around a large number of people. By installing cameras and microphones that capture everything in the room, you can ensure that you will never be far away from help and that you’ll have proof of the wrongdoing. They are also great for spying on people working within your home. Nanny cams have become very common recently because they give that extra sense of security, knowing that you’re watching how your caretakers are looking after your children.

Finally, a vehicle camera is the best way to protect your car both when you’re driving and when it’s parked. Vehicle cameras provide proof that you’re not at fault when an accident ruins your day. They can also keep a watchful eye on a parked car. The motion-activated camera records anyone who comes too close to your vehicle.

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