What are long range listening devices?

April 25th, 2018 in Spy Equipment
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There are two kinds of long range listening devices currently available at The Spy Store. They have very different uses but have a multitude of applications, so if you’re interested in expanding your range of hearing, they’re well worth your time and money.

The first kind uses a very sensitive and powerful microphone, often connected to a parabolic dish, that works under a sort of “aim and listen” principle. After putting on a pair of headphones and aiming the microphone at what you want to hear, you can isolate sounds over 100 yards away and listen to whatever you want to.

This is a perfect device for outdoor use, especially when you want to hear something that you can’t get close to. For example, outdoor enthusiasts who want to hear a deer and its mother, or want to enjoy the relaxing sound of a waterfall without any other ambient noise, will really enjoy this. You could also aim this spy equipment at a window and hear what’s being said inside.

The second kind of long range listening device is a bug transmitter and receiver. With these devices, you place the bug transmitter in a location you want to be listening to and then you carry the receiver with you. It’s a great way to hear what’s going on in places up to 500 meters away.

This could be perfect for those people who want to hear what’s going on at home while they’re at work, or if you want to relax outside on the patio while you’re children are doing something inside. It’s a great way to keep an ear out for what’s happening close by.

The Spy Store has an excellent selection of long range listening devices. Come and check one of our four locations for a device that is perfect for you.

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