What Is Ransomware and How Can I Protect My Data?

April 13th, 2021 in Security and Surveillance
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Ransomware is a type of software that is used to attack innocent parties. When this software is downloaded to a device, the software may lock it up, or delete files, or scrambles some files until a ransom is paid to the criminal who sent it to your computer.

Ransomware is a type of cyberattack that is usually aimed at large companies with deep pockets around the world.

A ransomware attack starts with malicious software being downloaded unknowingly onto a device, like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. This happens because of the large volume of spam that everyday computer users face in their inboxes. Users are not always aware of the presence of a security attack.

Very often this type of malware is distributed by email. This is called "phishing." The malware is sent as link or an attachment to an email, and the unknowing recipient opens the attachment or clicks on the link, setting everything in motion as the bad software attaches to your computer. 

How to protect your data

1. Good Email Protocols. Make sure users understand that they should never open attachments or click on links from someone they do not know.

2. Good network security can limit these types of spam emails. Businesses should regularly counsel employees about good email habits.

3. There also exist DNS website filtering solutions that can help prevent using from visiting risky websites. 

4. Recovery and Data Backup

Back-up is critical. Backup should be done regulary and daily for business or even several times daily. An excellent backup system and some qualified technicians can help in lots of ways. Make sure you have a reliable computer technician who is just a phone call away, but ransomeware will likely be here for a while.

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