What is the Best Hidden Camera for Residential Use?

June 28th, 2022 in Security and Surveillance
What is the Best Hidden Camera for Residential Use?

When choosing a hidden camera for your home, you have several types to choose between, the most common being HD Security Cameras and Nanny Cameras.

In this article, you will learn more about each to help find the device that best suits your needs.

Nanny Cameras

Nanny cameras are an age-old device that is used for residential security purposes. Nanny cameras hide in everyday objects such as alarm clocks and stuffed animals. They often have remote access and come with mounting accessories.

A quality hidden camera for nanny use will always have a wide field of view, night vision, and a built-in microphone. Night vision is essential if you want to record when there is not much light.

HD Security Cameras

HD Security Cameras are used for video monitoring for residential safety. When buying HD Security Cameras for residential use, you should consider whether you need high-tech features or a simpler setup.

For instance, some cameras feature memory-card slots, and others use cloud storage. Additional optional features include motion detection, night vision, and more.

No matter which type you choose, a security camera needs to have good software. A security camera must be able to secure your home with strong encryption to prevent unauthorized access. The best cameras use AES-256-bit encryption, which is the same encryption used by the U.S. military.

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