What is the Best Place to Hide a Camera in my House

April 13th, 2021 in Spy Equipment
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Whether or not your want to watch or film what goes on your home is a philosophical debate. Do you want to see what's  happening in rooms you are not in or do you want to see what's happening when you are not at home. While there are certain expectations of privacy everywhere--like bathrooms--you do have a right to know what goes on in your own home especially when you're not around. Or possibly employing someone there.

What is the Purpose?

There are lots of reasons for considering hidden home surveillance. Most commonly, it’s to keep an eye on people in your house, such as employees, babysitters, gardeners, unexpected or unreliable guests, cleaners staff, or even nurses, or contractors. Or it maybe you just want to know if your kids are doing their homework or fighting.

In order to choose equipment, you have to decide why you are filming and how you will accomplish it. For example you will need different equipment outside at night than inside during the day.

Cameras should never be placed in a bathroom or someone else’s bedroom where there is a clear expectation of privacy in North America, anyway.

Find the Right Camera

Today, many cameras are disguised as functional everyday objects like clocks are bookends or books or figurines that can hide entirely in plain sight. It's not hard to place a camera in full view, where no one would notice.

The Spy’s Option

There are also smaller spy cameras that can be easily manually hidden. These types of cameras can sit in air vents or inside jewelry pinned on a jacked, and may be quite small. They can sit in overhead light fixtures or inside lamps. They are not hard to hide.

Use some common sense, and figure out what works best for you. If the camera operates through WIFI, then you will be able to see images in real time. WIFI can be interrupted, however, so you may prefer something that saves images to a small drive for you to review later.

You have many options available to you, and there will be a solution for everyone.

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