What to Look For in a Digital Voice Recorder

July 28th, 2017 in Spy Equipment
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There are many kinds of digital voice recorders on the market today, providing different selling points and fitting different customer needs. While some are big, with tons of memory, others are tiny and easily hidden, for more covert recordings.

When deciding what recorder to buy, you should think about these options:

1.    Memory Size
How much are you planning on recording? Do you need this device to store a lot of data or will you be able to empty it to your computer on a regular basis? Depending on the size of the recorder, you may get as few as 15 hours of recording or more than 340.

2.    Recorder Size
Do you care how big the recorder is? Are you going to be carrying it a lot, or holding it by your cell phone to record conversations, or is it going to sit on a desk, untouched? If you want your recorder to fit into a small purse, or your pants pocket, size does matter.

3.    Battery Size
How much time do you want to record for? Does this device need to sit, unattended, for a long time and with no external power source? Some devices offer options like no battery drain if the item isn’t being used, while others can be hooked up to external battery packs or to an electrical outlet.

4.    Is this Covert Recording?
Simply put, do you want to record someone without them knowing they’re being recorded? The Spy Store offers hidden voice recorders in things such as USB drives, key chains, pens, and alarm clocks.

5.    Bluetooth or Microphones?
With Bluetooth technology moving into the spy equipment world, we have recorders that you can connect to your cell phones through Bluetooth and record your conversations without a wire present.

After you’ve decided whether you want a spy recorder or just a regular voice recorder, come to one of our 4 locations and talk to a professional at The Spy Store about your recording needs.

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