What Type of Devices can I use to Record my Phone Conversations?

March 25th, 2019 in Spy Equipment
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There are many reasons you may need to record a phone call. You may require a permanent record of a sensitive conversation, need evidence to protect yourself or incriminate another party, or just want the occasional reminder of a conversation.

Thankfully, there are many options available to you to choose from for your digital voice and phone recorder needs. Here are some devices you may use to record a phone conversation.

Bluetooth Call Recorders

A Bluetooth call recorder is a simple option you can go with. This works through Bluetooth with your wireless device to simply and easily record both ends of the conversation. These devices are also referred to as a mobile phone voice recorder. This is a great option if your phone conversations are always on a Bluetooth enabled smart device, but are limited to that.

PCM Audio Recorders

A PCM audio recorder is a small device that records using built in microphones. These are small devices you can carry with you anywhere that will start recording at the click of a button. An advantage of a PCM audio recorder is it allows you to record any audio, not just phone- so these are a bit more versatile then the Bluetooth call recorders, but not as seemless with cellular phone conversations.

Depending on your need, both types of digital phone recorders are excellent options and will serve you well. If you want to check out either option, make sure you talk to the pros at SpyStore.

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