Outdoor / Night Vision Cameras

Outdoor Night Vision Cameras

A serveillance camera is only as good as the picture or video it can capture. At The Spystore, we carry a variety of Outdoor Night Vision Cameras; as well as, the accessories that are required to install and operate the systems affectively. Surveillance camera's come in a variety of styles and size including: LED, CCD Image Sensor, Hunting Trial, Mini Dome, Vandalproof Dome and IR Dome.

Some of the features that our Outdoor Night Vision Cameras are equipped with include:

  • High Resolution, providing crisp and clean images and video
  • Covert Video Capturing
  • Weather Resistant Housing
  • Day and Automatic Night Vision
  • Motion Activation
  • Anti Vandal Mounts
  • Connection capabilities to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  • 75 foot monitoring distance
  • Between 480 and 700 TV lines of resolution.

Applications where an Outdoor Night Vision Camera are typically applied include:

  • Hunting / Tree Stands
  • Home Surveillance
  • Office / Commercial Business Surveillance
  • Small and Medium Sized Retail Store Surveillance

Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Cameras can be purchased on an indivicual basis, or as a camera package. At the Spystore, we also carry a variety of Shielded Power Video Cables, ranging in length from 24 feet to 150 feet. Camera installations are available with competitive rates. Please visit or call one of our locations for a quote.