4K Key Fob Style Hidden Camera

4K Key Fob Style Hidden Camera

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$399.00 each

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Ensure discreet recording on the go with our Key Fob Style Hidden Camera by Lawmate. This portable device, made in Taiwan, looks like an ordinary key fob but records 4K video and audio with one touch. Comes with a 128GB memory card for extensive recording.

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The Key Fob Style Hidden Camera by Lawmate is the perfect solution for discreet recording. Designed to look like a regular key fob, this portable device allows you to capture high-quality 4K video and audio with a simple touch of a button. Ideal for personal security, monitoring, and capturing important moments without drawing attention.

Key Features:
4K Video Recording: Capture stunning, high-resolution 4K video for clear and detailed footage.
Audio Recording: Records high-quality audio along with the video.
One Touch Recording: Easily start and stop recording by pressing the lock and unlock buttons.
Discreet Design: Looks like an ordinary key fob, making it perfect for covert recording.
Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a rechargeable battery for convenience and long-lasting use.
Large Storage Capacity: Supports memory cards up to 256GB, and comes with a 128GB memory card included.
Compact and Portable: Small enough to fit on your keychain, ensuring you can take it anywhere.
Made by Lawmate: Trusted brand known for quality surveillance products, made in Taiwan.

Resolution: 4K
Memory Storage: Supports up to 256GB TF card; 128GB memory card included.
Video Format: Recorded in standard video formats for easy playback.
Shipping Dimensions: 2.75" x 1.6" x 0.7"
Shipping Weight: 0.1 lb

Package Includes:
Key Fob Style Hidden Camera
128GB Memory Card
User Manual
Charging Cord
Camera Case

How to Use:
Power On: Press the lock button to turn on the camera.
Start Recording: Press the lock button again to start recording.
Stop Recording: Press the unlock button to stop recording.
Recharge: Use the included charging cord to recharge the battery as needed.
View Footage: Transfer video files from the memory card to your computer for playback.

The Key Fob Style Hidden Camera by Lawmate is an essential tool for anyone needing discreet, high-quality video and audio recording on the go. Whether for personal security, monitoring, or capturing unexpected moments, this device ensures you have the footage you need without drawing attention. Get yours today and experience the convenience and reliability of this versatile hidden camera.

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