Ashtray Camera

Ashtray Camera

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A camera disguised as an ashtray. Perfect for covert recording.

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1) Start / Shutdown: first switch to –key and press A key for three seconds, blue light turn on, the machine start working. Press A key for another three seconds, Blue light turn off, the machine stoop working.

2) Take photo: Press B key, blue light flashes one time, photo take and stored.

3) Video recording: under standby condition, long press D key, blue light flashes three times, then start video recording, press D key again, video recording stop and stored automatically. Press A key to turn off and switch to 0 for power off.

4) Motion detection: under standby condition, press C key, if anyone pass by, the machine start recording automatically

5) Audio Recording: under standby condition, press E key, blue light flashes one time, start recording audio


1) Battery: 3.7V

2) Battery capacity: 1200Ma (the battery capacity can increase according to the requirements)

3) Video format: AVI

4) Video Resolution: 640x480

5) Photo Resolution: 1280x960
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Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: USB Cable, User Manual, Remote Controller

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