ASP 16 Friction Loc Foam Airweight Baton

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ASP 16 Friction Loc Foam Airweight Baton

$179.00 each

Item Number:  88


Weighs approximately 45% less than comparable steel batons,

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Airweight Baton Advantage:


Weighing approximately 45%  less than comparable steel batons, the ASP Airweight loses only 2% of the striking potential of its heavier counterpart. The 7075 aluminum tubing for the baton is custom fabricated to ASP specifications. This is the same alloy that is used in the receiver of the M16. It is extremely strong. The striking surface of the Airweight is 4140 steel tubing. In addition to being noticeably lighter, ASP Airweights move more rapidly than steel batons. They allow a faster “bridge” between strikes.

*made in USA*