Car GPS Logger *with free magnet box*

Car GPS Logger *with free magnet box*

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$249.00 each

Product Number:  311

A very simple and reliable data logger device. Records up to 120 hours of data and is view-able through Google Maps/Earth

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Simply turn on the GPS data logger unit, and place it where you would like. The unit will constantly record up to 120 hours of data. To retrieve the information, plug the unit into your computer via the included USB/charging cable. You can then download the information to a detailed printable report and view it in Google Maps or Google Earth.

The GPS Logger is water-resistant, meaning it can be mounted outside as well. Strong magnetic box is available for vehicle mounting. When not in use, an on-board motion sensor puts the unit to "sleep" to conserve battery power. LED status lights also indicate when the unit is powered on, when it is tracking, and when the battery is low or the memory is full.

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