Compact Bug Detector

Compact Bug Detector

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$89.00 each

Product Number:  624

The Compact Bug Detector can detect the popular microtransmitter, wireless CCTV camera, wireless phone, wireless microphone, wireless tap and cellphone from 1 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz.

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The Compact Bug Detector will beep to warn you from Slow to Rapid and there are 4 LEDs: Level 1 (Weak), Level 2 (Medium), Level 3 (High), Level 4 (Strong), indications of the strength of detected signal.

Bug Detector with Vibration Warning Mode (Beeper Size).
Catching all the Hidden camera and Concealed microphone.

Hunting all the eavesdropping transmitters, room bugs, telephone transmitters, concealed video cameras, audio recorders, tapped cellular phones, GPS tracking devices and Wireless phone.

Sensitivity RF-GSM Signal Detector.
Multi-channel Fuzzy Scanning System.
Dual strength indication: Sound, LED and Vibration.
Sensitivity tuner for Distance adjustment.

Switchable sound / Silent detection. Spots bugs' exact location.

Portable and multifunctional countersurveillance device with earphone to detect without other's notice.

The Compact Bug Detector Sensitivity RF-GSM Signal Detector is a indispensable device to protect your privacy and confidential informations being disclosed secretly.

FREQU-JUMP System Solution for change frequency bug's.

The Compact Bug Detector is perfect for homes, offices, hotel rooms and veicles security.
You can detect several types of interceptions and locate the illegal surveillance equipments.

The Compact Bug Detector is not only a good detecting micro wave device, but also perform the same superior ability in detecting other VHF/UHF bands.

Technical Specifications:

Size: L 90 x W 55 x T 17 mm
Weight: about 30g (w/o batteries)
Detecting Range: 1 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz
Power: 3V DC - AAA/UM-4 battery x 2 (not included)
4 LEDs indication: Level 1 (Weak) - Level 2 (Medium) - Level 3 (High) - Level 4 (Strong)
Power Indicator
Earphone Hearing
Colors: Silver
Manual Guide
Certifications: CE & FCC

Warning mode 1: Sound and 4 LEDs display.
Warning mode 2: Slient, and 4 LEDs display.
Warning mode 3: Vibration, 4 LEDs display and earphone output.
Detecting distance for 2.4GHz wireless camera is about 20 feet.
Detecting distance for 5.8GHz wireless camera is about 8 feet.
Detecting distance for cellular phone is about 40 feet.

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