Deluxe 4 Channel Driveway Alarm

Deluxe 4 Channel Driveway Alarm

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$499.00 each

Product Number:  641

Deluxe 4 Channel Driveway Alarm is a wireless detection and monitoring system ideal for detecting activity in four zones. Also comes with 2 sensors.

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Deluxe 4 Channel Driveway Alarm is a wireless detection and monitoring system ideal for detecting activity in four zones. Each zone has an associated distinct warning indicator and accessory port. Deluxe 4 Channel Driveway Alarm can be used to monitor entryways, pathways, sidewalks, doorways, yards, barns, gardens, garages, sheds, hallways, business entrances, stockrooms, remote areas, appurtenant structures and much more. Our Deluxe 4 Channel Driveway Alarm LR systems have volume control for the alert signal and each zone has an accessory jack to add enhanced audio or visual warning indicators. Made in the USA. Also comes with 2 sensors which can be expanded up to four total.


Comes with two infra-red Sensor/Transmitters
Sensors come in army green for easy concealment
Sensor/Transmitter operates on a 9 volt battery
Weatherproof Sensor/Transmitters
Sensor/Transmitter has 40 degree field of view
Receiver plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet
Receiver sounds alert tone and illuminates an LED when a signal is received
Receiver equipped with LED reset switch
Receiver has volume control and an accessory jack for each zone
Receiver equipped with adjustable alert tone for zone distinction
Up to 1,000 feet reception range
Multiple Sensor/Transmitters can be used with single Receiver
Receivers and Sensor/Transmitters are coded for zone distinction
Compatible with all of our Receivers and Sensor/Transmitters
Comes complete with all mounting hardware and easy installation and use directions
Limited Lifetime warranty

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