Digital Video Recorder Camera 8GB

Digital Video Recorder Camera 8GB

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Video recording Spy Device with 8 GB of memory

  • Description

# Main Function:

-Video recording "Spy Device" and USB drive with 8 GB's of memory

# Device Specifications:
- Color CMOS sensor
- Auto White Balance Adjustment
- Focus Range: 150mm ~ Infinity
- Internal Flash Memory: 8GB

# Digital Still Camera Specifications:
- Format: JPEG
- Image Resolution: 1280x960 (1.2MP)

# Digital Video Recorder Specifications:
- Format: AVI
- Frame Rate: 30 FPS
- Capture Resolution: 640x480 (VGA)

# Power Source:
- Internal Rechargeable 280 mAh Battery

# Battery Life:
- 60-90 minutes (continuous video capturing)

# Dimensions (mm):
- 50 (L) x 32 (W) x13 (H)

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