FM Audio Transmitter

FM Audio Transmitter

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$199.00 each

Product Number:  920

The receiver for this transmitter can be any FM radio.

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This product is an FM conversation transmitter. Our FM transmitter is preset in near 89MHz. You can use any FM radio as a receiver <*>.

Long battery life.
Great performance.
attention: Please use a receiver or radio which covers the FM broadcasting band.
attention: We are not using a crystal circuit on our FM transmitters. So, unlike our UHF & VHF transmitters, it's tuning sometimes moves slightly due to the change of temperature. This is not failure. Please adjust the tuning on your FM radio.

Size 30 x 15 x 43mm
Weight 46g
Antenna Φ1 x 880mm, 3g
Power Supply N x 1
Battery Life 120hrs (alkaline), 60hrs (manganese)
Available Channels FM (trimmer adjustable, near 89MHz)
P/Q Channel Not Available
Average Transmitting Range( Cities - Suburbs / At the line of sight) 15-20m
Output Power 10mW

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