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G-14 is multi-purpose monocular, features unique ergonomic design that allows convenient single-handed operation and dramatically minimizes the probability of user errors in extreme dark night time operating conditions. Device operates on one CR-123 battery to keep the weight to a minimum and guarantees reliable service at all temperatures. The monocular is equipped with short range focusable infrared (LED) illuminator. This illuminator assists with tasks that have to be performed in complete darkness, such as map reading, equipment repairs, etc. Device is compatible with most Infrared Laser aiming and illuminating devices. G-14 can be used as a mono-goggles in conjunction with optional head gear. Optional helmet mount also available. G-14 can be used as a handheld device with optional 4X interchangeable lens for long range observations. Adapters are also available for mounting monocular on cameras and camcorders. G-14 is economically priced, easy to use, very small, lightweight and effective system for any nighttime application.

Available in Gen 2+ or Gen 3

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